Photo by Lisa-Marie McGinn


Danielle began working as a freelance makeup artist in 2010 after completing a certification at Eveline Charles Academy in Edmonton AB. Since then she has branched out into different areas of makeup artistry, graduating from Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles CA with a certification in character + fx makeup, and most recently, graduating from Make Up For Ever Academy in New York NY with a certification in advanced makeup techniques for fashion + beauty photography.

I’m fascinated with beauty—I feel compelled to seek it out in everything + everyone I see. I can’t help but to fixate on both the uniqueness and familiarity in different faces, it’s a wonderful obsession.
— Danielle

Danielle has a love of art + beauty and has been fascinated by makeup for as long as she can recall. Her work has been most influenced by artists Hung Vanngo, Wayne Goss, Nikki Wolff, and Nick Lujan, who helped her realize her fierce passion for makeup and gave her the confidence + the fire to pursue it.

Danielle is eager to continue taking on new projects, sharpen her skills, and build her portfolio. She is continuously seeking out fellow creatives + inspirations to perpetuate her growing momentum in the industry.